​​​Pleasant Hills Children's Home is prepared to provide assistance to:

Children who are neglected or homeless. 

Children whose parents/conservators must be separated from the family due to medical or psychiatric problems, or incarceration. 

Children whose family circumstances do not allow the family to adequately care for them. 

Children whose families are experiencing a crisis, such as

stepparent conflicts or family involvement in drugs and alcohol. 

Families facing financial problems or crisis. 

Children suffering from the trauma of physical, verbal or sexual

abuse or abandonment. 

Children whose parents/conservators are deceased. 

Parents and children who have decided that a "separation time" is a prerequisite to family healing. 

Children who need training in social skills, peer interactions and authoritative relationships to function on a more proper level and exhibit age-appropriate behaviors. 

Children who are experiencing mild emotional problems or are having difficulty making proper choices when faced with negative peer pressure. 

Children who are experiencing moderate learning disabilities or moderate school problems.

Children whose parents/conservators are afflicted with health conditions that prevent them from maintaining full responsibility for the child. 

Follow the link to find out more about admission to Pleasant Hills Children's Home,

or click here to contact our Children Services Department and obtain an application for placement.

Our Mission is to provide a Christian, loving home for children and youth in a family-style environment.

Children, from birth through 17 years of age and whose needs are consistent with licensing standards and admissions criteria, are eligible to apply for admission to Pleasant Hills Children's Home. Children are eligible to remain in residence after age 18 if they are attending school. The Home encourages young people to obtain a higher education after high school.

No child is denied admission because of race, creed, religious affiliation or financial status.

CHildren We Serve

CHildren we serve

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