our Core Values

spiritual nurture


Children attend local community churches weekly and an on-campus chapel service every Sunday evening. Daily devotions are conducted in each cottage home.

strong work ethic


Staff model positive work habits and encourage children to develop strong work ethics. Each child has daily chores to accomplish. Staff mentor children to develop a sense of fulfillment from contributing to a vocation and to their community.

Healthy Physical Development


Self-esteem, trust, teamwork, and cooperation are developed through recreational activities. Youth have the opportunity to participate in organized sports, 4-H program, fishing, crafts, and more. Balanced, nutritious meals are served daily. Regular dental, medical, and counseling appointments are scheduled for children.

our core values

solid academic preparation


Children in unstable conditions may have difficulty concentrating on academics. However, once they are in a safe and structured environment at Pleasant Hills Children's Home, many children make successful improvements academically. Students attend public schools and are provided tutoring, as needed.  They are encouraged to set goals and pursue higher education.

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